HKC 20A6 Full HD monitor 49,6 cm/20 inch Narrow Frame, Ultra-Thin, HDMI, VGA (type S)


✔ The monitor has a screen size of 19.53 inches (49.6 cm)
✔ Screen resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels
✔ Full HD LED monitor
✔ VGA and HDMI connection
✔ Product comes with stand, VGA cable, manual and adapter
✔ This monitor (type S)
✔ The monitor works completely well and has a 2-year manufacturer’s warranty.

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Whether in a work or living space, the HKC 20A6 is a stylish addition to any place in the home or office. The monitor is ultra-thin with a simple yet sleek design. Because it does not take up much space due to this design, it is ideal for your desk during study or work. The screen is equipped with many conveniences. For example, it has a VGA and HDMI connection. It also has anti-glare, also called anti-glare, so you do not suffer from reflections on the screen. This product is also very suitable for gaming.