RCA RS43F1 Full HD LED TV (type S)


✔ The television has a screen size of 108 cm (42.5 inch)
✔ Full HD Smart TV
✔ Built-in speaker of 2x 6W
✔ Can receive digital signal by built-in Triple Tuner
✔ Smartcard for digital television can be used directly (Smit CI + module)
✔ Extra efficient due to energy label A.
✔ 3x HDMI, 1x USB, 1x SCART, 1x VGA

Pros and cons
+ Smart TV.
+ Nice big size of 108 cm (42.5 inch).
+ Good price-quality ratio.
+ Good image quality due to Full HD.
+ Extra economical thanks to energy label A.
+ Connect multiple devices with ease.
– Old Android 6.0 version. Can’t be updated anymore.
– Speaker quality relatively slightly lower.
– No rotatable base.

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The RCA RS43F1-EU is a Full HD TV that gives you hours of fun. This 43” (110 cm) large TV is fully equipped. You can easily connect a game console, TV receiver or DVD player to the 3 HDMI ports at the same time. This TV is equipped with no less than 2 USB ports where you can, for example, attach a USB stick or external hard drive and thus play a movie or record TV. These USB ports also provide sufficient power to charge your phone, for example, or to power a casting device.

The TV has the Android 6.0 version and can’t be updated.

Full HD Experience
Thanks to the Full HD image you experience colors as intended by the filmmakers. The image is clear and sharp as you would expect from a 43” TV.

Built-in Tripple Tuner
Thanks to the built-in tuner you can receive both the analogue TV signal and the digital TV signal. This TV is also suitable for use with a satellite by means of support on DVB-C, DVB-T2 and DVB-S2.

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